Facts: Fun and Otherwise

  • I am a dual citizen (Oh Canada!)
  • I have four sons (no, we’re not going to keep going till we get a girl)
  • I met and married my husband within a five month time-frame
  • I graduated with a degree in Journalism from Utah State University
  • I wrote my first story in sixth grade and won an award
  • I am obsessed with hummus and eat it every day
  • I really, honestly enjoy editing
  • I live in Lancaster, CA (where my husband grew up)
  • I grew up in Providence, UT
  • We prefer Magic Mountain over Disneyland
  • I WILL live on the beach someday
  • I’m a binge television watcher (current: Jane the Virgin)
  • My favorite colors are yellow and pink (hey, I have 3 sons)
  • I love to roller blade (seriously 🙂 )
  • When we first got married, I could burn mac n cheese
  • Now I’m a Pinterest copy cat in the kitchen expert
  • I wish I would’ve played tennis in high school
  • I love watching sports with my husband
  • I’m a meat eater: I love a good barbeque
  • I’m thirty-two years old but still a daddy’s girl

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