MMGM: Bucket List Books For Kids

I think there is never a bad time to make a bucket list for your life. We make one at the New Year. We make one for the summer. For things we want to do for the holidays. They help us to see our goals and achieve them.

My kids and I have been talking about bucket lists, and they’re making one of things they want to accomplish for the upcoming school year.

In the spirit of Bucket Lists, I wanted to highlight two Bucket List books I find so adorable and the perfect way to show the concept to children if they are interested in the idea.


Publisher’s Description:

Drumroll, please: Judy Moody is about to become a poop-scooping, hinny-riding, one-girl band extraordinaire as she takes on her very own Bucket List.

Judy is visiting Grandma Lou one day when she accidentally finds an uber-mysterious list of activities — a Bucket List! Which gives Judy an idea: How rare would it be if she made her own way-official bucket list of all the things she wants to do—before she starts fourth grade? Pretty soon Judy is off and running trying to cross off all her items: learn to do a cartwheel, invent something rad, go to Antarctica (the real one), ride a horse—the list goes on. But what happens if Grandma Lou achieves everything on her list? Does that mean she’ll be ready to . . . kick the bucket?

Seriously, Judy Moody has been a part of our lives for years. We’ve read them all, multiple times. Out loud and for silent reading. Judy is so lovable in all of her true humanness and ability to make mistakes and learn from them.

This book is  little different for Judy though, because she’s worried about a big time thing: maybe her grandma is dying? Why else would she make a bucket list if she wasn’t?

To prove to herself that bucket lists can be for everyone, she makes her own and comes up with creative ways to check items and experiences off of her list. Luckily, her little brother Stink is by her side.

Megan McDonald doesn’t disappoint with this latest Judy Moody book. Judy is growing up, thinking more outside of herself, and we find out more about her relationships outside of her core family.

Recommend for fans of Judy Moody and for early readers who are wanting a bit more of a challenge.


Publisher’s Description:

Ella and Skyler have been best friends since kindergarten—so close that people smoosh their names together like they’re the same person: EllaandSkyler. SkylerandElla.

But Ella notices the little ways she and Skyler have been slowly drifting apart. And she’s determined to fix things with a fun project she’s sure will bring them closer together—The BFF Bucket List. Skyler is totally on board.

The girls must complete each task on the list together: things like facing their fears, hosting a fancy dinner party, and the biggest of them all—speaking actual words to their respective crushes before the end of summer. But as new friends, epic opportunities, and super-cute boys enter the picture, the challenges on the list aren’t the only ones they face.

And with each girl hiding a big secret that could threaten their entire friendship, will the list–and their BFF status–go bust?

This book is SO MUCH FUN!

It totally took me back to my tween days where there was so much going on. Old friends, new friends … boyfriends. Feeling like you can’t grow up fast enough, but please, can time slow down a little. So many emotions. So confusing.

So when these two girls feel like they are growing in different directions, they find a thing to tie them together and send them down the same path.

All of the items on the bucket list are good examples of things kids can do. I loved the random acts of kindness and facing their fears. Both things that are important for kids to practice in their lives.

Also, it’s okay to not be able to control everything and to accept changes and moments as they come. (Life-long battle, not just for teenagers)

The voice was amazing. The girls were funny and lovable (as were the side characters.) I wanted to spend my life at The Donut.

It’s rare to find a book that makes me laugh out loud and also feel like there is an important message and truth to it all. Dee Romito hit all the right notes with this one and I am recommending it to any tween girl I know.

You can go to her website and make a bucket list of your own. There are different types of bucket lists, like I mentioned above, and then ideas you can click on to add to your list, or build your own.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, read these books, and make your own list!


This is part of Shannon Messenger’s Marvelous Middle Grade Monday on her blog. There’s so many other fun reviews linking up so go check them out!

2 thoughts on “MMGM: Bucket List Books For Kids

  1. jennienzor says:

    Both of these sounds really good. I think I need to read the BFF one to relive my tween years too. I like to do bucket lists with my family too for the different seasons. Of course, I rarely hit everything, but it’s fun to try.

    • taracreel says:

      I’m the same way! We always have a couple we don’t get to, but my kids love them. Dee’s website makes it fun for them. Thanks for visiting!

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