Happy Release Day: Claiming Ataris by Ruby Knight


Seventeen year old Quincy learns she is the heir to a royal kingdom, to claim her place in the Thalassic she must allow the ocean to claim her, as a mermaid.

Thalassa means: of the sea. Every single important moment in Quincy’s life has to do with water. She sits now at the bottom of the pool at her new school, drowning. Feeling like someone was holding her there.  She was about to die in the same way her parents did, three years ago.

She is about to gulp down the water, when two strong arms grab her and rip her from the water.  Her last fleeting thought before breaking the surface was something that would haunt her, “If I would have taken a breath underwater, it would have felt like coming home.”

She’s even shared her musical inspiration with us. So fun!
Claiming Ataris Playlist:
Some Nights: Fun

Kiss Me: Ed Sheeran

I Knew You Were Trouble: Taylor Swift

Vulnerable: Secondhand Serenade

We Are Young: Fun

Standard Lines: Dashboard Confessional

BlackBird: Sarah McLachlan

Dreaming With a Broken Heart: John Mayer

Never Say Never: Justin Bieber Acoustic

Everything Has Changed: Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

Mumford and Sons: I Will Wait

Am I Breathing Underwater: Metric

Home: Phillip Phillips

Winter Solstice:

The Harlem Shake: Baauer

Thrift Shop: Macklemore

I’ll Stand By You: The Pretenders

Booty Work: Dorm Parties

The Way You Look Tonight: Michael Buble



Ruby wrote her first book during her senior year of college and hasn’t stopped writing since. She graduated with a degree in History and a minor in Psychology. When she isn’t manically writing stories on her laptop, she is coaching a high school dance team. You can find her hanging out with her tall, dark, and handsome husband or playing with her adorable little boy. She is from San Diego but was raised in Northern Utah. Her dad nicknamed her Rube at a young age and it always stuck. She currently lives in Utah under the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains. Ruby loves to read all things New Adult and Young Adult. She is a wannabe yogi and shamelessly indulges in reality TV. You might find her with a Diet Coke with Vanilla in it on most days, as this is what she considers to be water. Ruby continues to write more stories. Look for more titles by Ruby coming soon.

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