What I’m Reading Wednesday: All Through The Night


On this day last year, I was driving through the night to say goodbye to my mom. My brother-in-law wrote a beautiful poem about it. This is my What I’m Reading Wednesday.

all through the night

i felt you driving here
anxious and wishing
were feelings we shared
miles encroach between
my daughters fair 
my will towards you
my love imbue
safety ensue
i prayed for you
—all through the night

i hold my children near
since from the first time
when they became mine
minutes encroach between
my children dear
and lovingly
you prayed for me
—into the night

in the room with my love
my body broken
my heart molded
by my faithful
you hold my tender hand
akin to the day we wed
always to be
your Sweetie
though the day long
and your grief strong
i’ve always loved you
and will continue to love you
—all through the night

this life was the time
to prepare to meet
—those who blessed my life
—those whose lives i’ve blessed
a time that i so
cherished …

night will give way to dawn

i have left this frail existence
i have left my mortal by
i shall await with eager presence
in the royal courts on high

neither weep nor beseech
my suff’ring now gone
my love now prolong
i am within your reach
live for each day
happy alway
as mem’ries sway
think me this way
i will be there
—all through your night

jonathan over

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