Food For Thought Friday: Super Food Edition

We all do it.

We’re in the middle of a late night or marathon writing session and we reach for the Cheetos, or the soda, or the bag of Reese’s Mini Cups.

All the food that tastes SO good, but gives you a rush, then sends you crashing down.

Today, I’m listing my top 5 Super Foods: snacks/foods that writers can reach for to boost the brain waves, without boosting the waistline.

blueberries 1. Blueberries: These are one of the best fruits for you, and so, so tasty. They have been linked to helping Alzheimer patients, and studies have shown they improve learning ability, motor skills and reduce stress.


2. Pomegranate: I am not a big fan of picking out all the tiny seeds from an actual pomegranate, so I go for this juice. Pomegranates are high in anti-oxidants, like blueberries, so they keep your brain functioning at high levels.


3. Nuts/Seeds: Nuts and seeds are high in protein, fiber, and beneficial fats. They are also high in Vitamin E so they boost your cognitive functions. Don’t go for the heavily salted or flavored ones, though. Keep it raw when possible.


4. Brown rice/Beans: Brown rice is high in fiber so it keeps your circulation up and beans are full of the good carbohydrates that your brain needs to keep working properly. They are also full of fiber, protein and vitamins and will keep you full longer than a processed snack/meal.


5. Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is also high in antioxidants, has a little bit of caffeine and boosts your serotonin so you’ll feel happy while you write. It’s also rich in fiber, which keeps your circulation up and that’s really good for the brain, all that blood flowing through and all.


What are your favorite brain boosting snacks? I’d love to hear it!

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