What I’m Reading Wednesday: Picture Book Edition


Published by Picture Window Books 1/2014: Clara wishes for the tallest hair in the world, but soon discovers that really tall hair is not without problems.

My favorite part about this book were the illustrations. My kids, three boys mind you, loved to see what Clara’s Crazy Curls would do next.

The story teaches kids that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but it doesn’t bonk them over the head with it. Although I think I would’ve liked this book better without the rhyming, it was a sweet tale.


Published by Hello Genius 2/2014: Little Monkey is having a bad day. After a major melt down, he goes to his room and uses some coping techniques to calm down.

We love the Hello Genius books in our house. They are fun books that are written at the perfect level for the kids that are going through those things.

When my two-year-old throws a tantrum, we get to remind him what Monkey did to calm down, or even just pull out the book to read, and it works like a charm.

Not a lot of words, but it works and my son loves it.


Published by Peachtree Publishers 3/2014: Pig and Bug just want to be friends. But their size difference is proving to be a BIG problem. Pig wants to play games – but Bug is too small. Bug wants to make things for his friend – but Pig is too big! Just as they’ve given up all hope for their friendship, Pig has an idea But will it work? (Yes, it will!)

My boys loved this book. They thought the idea of a pig having a squeaky little bug for a friend was so funny. They loved the ending even more (I won’t give it away 😉 ).

This is a fun book about meeting new people, solving problems, and looking for fun things to do with new friends.

The illustrations are bright and fun and my kids read this over and over again.

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