What I’m Reading Wednesday: Literary-ish Articles



I don’t have a regular review for you today, but I did want to share three articles I read this week that I found interesting.

First: How to be an Agent’s ‘Dream Client’ by Chuck Sambuchino

As I am still in the process of looking for an agent to represent me and my works, it’s always good to find articles with tips from agents on what they are looking for.

I’m happy to say that I don’t think I’d have a problem with any of those, but it’s always good to have the reminder that patience and flexibility are key in this business. Good thing I’ve been working on those things.

Plus, everything Chuck writes is super helpful.

Second: On Making Time by Victoria Schwab

I just fell in love with this article this week. It’s not a surprise that it was written by Victoria Schwab, because she has all the best words.

I am on a totally different life track than her, which, really, aren’t we all going in a million different directions, and not all the same as each other? But her words apply.

People always ask me how I find the time to write with 3 boys under the age of 6. Schwab puts it best: I don’t find the time, I make the time.

I have lists of things I need to accomplish every day and I make the time to get those things done. When spare minutes pop up every once in a while where my kids are playing nicely unexpectedly, I am fitting in the research, or the reading, or the writing.

When my brain needs a break from those things, I let it plot and explore while I clean, cook, and play.

Everyone has things to fit in and prioritize: make your dreams happen.

Last: Speed Reading App

Everyone’s been talking about this speed reading app that will help you read a whole novel in 90 minutes.

I think if I was a college student and reading textbooks or required reading, I would want to use this. But then again, I have a confession to make: sometimes, I read like this anyway. (When I’m reading for fun, not editing, of course.)

I have always been a fast reader and my husband will make fun of me because I tell him the reason I can read so quickly is because I skip words. Just like this app will tell you to do.

My brain skips the small words like and, to, me, ect but still knows what they are saying. Also, the he said/she said: gone. And, in fantasy books in particular, names like Montevindictopolo….for the rest of the book they are known as M. Whenever I see that, I see M, so it helps me read quicker.

Then there are those books where every word pulls me in and I will re-read each paragraph 3 or 4 times and the whole world disappears. Like, really, my kids could be screaming, my husband talking to me, the house on fire, and I wouldn’t know it.

I wouldn’t want the speed reader in that moment. Books like those I need to immerse myself in, learn from them, savor them.

While I appreciate getting through books quickly, it worries me that we will lose our ability to find the beautiful words.


Anyone else read these articles this week? Any others I should read?

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