On My Mind Monday: Weekend Road Trip Edition

My husband and I took a short road trip this weekend to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. Since I’ve only lived in California for as long as we’ve been married, I’m still somewhat of a tourist. We like to take a few opportunities a year to explore the places in California I’ve heard about by never seen.

This weekend, we went to visit Solvang, California, a small dutch town, and Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.

Here are a few pics of Solvang. It wasn’t exciting or anything, but it was fun to walk through the shops and see the foods they made. The bakeries were delicious! This horse and trolley was fun too.

This may just show you how nerdy I really am, but I had the best time at Hearst Castle! It was so fascinating and our tour guide was amazing. He had an answer for every question we asked and talked the whole time about things we didn’t ask. The antiques, and art and gardens were fantastic. I wished I could’ve stayed much longer. Below is a shot of the castle from one of the gardens, and a picture of me in Hearst’s library. You can tell how excited I am to be surrounded by over 4000 beautiful books. I wish I could live in there!



I definitely recommend going to the castle. I enjoyed it so much, I came home with a whole book plotted all formed around Hearst Castle and all of its possible secrets and magic. A writer’s dream retreat 🙂

Here are our top 3 road trip songs from this trip, as all our trips have their own. Enjoy!

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