2013: My Year In Books

I had such an amazing year for reading that a regular top ten list just won’t do it. I found so many new-to-me authors, read so many books I wish I’d written and finished off a few series so I wanted to share all of my reading milestones from the year of 2013.

New Must-Read Authors:


Lauren Oliver: I read the Delirium series before this year, but I found her other books, Liesl and Po, The Spindlers, and Before I Fall this year and am now 100% going to read any book she writes. Which includes her upcoming novel, Panic, which I was lucky enough to get an ARC of and will be reviewing in 2014. She is also such an accessible author and I love watching her Ask Lauren Oliver every Wednesday on her YouTube channel.


Kasie West: Oh My Goodness … I love her. I only started reading her this year as well, even though she’d been on my to-read list for a long, long time. I loved the chemistry in The Distance Between Us, and the twists and tension in Pivot Point. I am anxiously awaiting Split Second next February.


Maggie Stiefvater: I wish I could say I was so cool that I’ve know about her all along, but I’m not. I started reading her works this year, though, and got through all of them and am salivating for more. She is a delight to follow on Twitter and I can’t wait until I can read something new of hers.


Victoria Schwab: Here’s another author who has been on my to-read list for so long, but I only got around to reading The Archived at the beginning of the year. As if her writing isn’t admirable enough, when I saw her at The LA Times Festival of Books, she was so lovely. I’ve just finished reading The Unbound, another 5 star recommendation for 2014, and am eagerly awaiting more Vicious movie news. Seriously, her head must be a wonderful place to exist in. She will not ever go wrong as far as I’m concerned and is definitely on my must-read list.


Shannon Messenger: She’s one of those rare authors who can flawlessly switch between MG and YA without skipping a beat and someone who I follow on social media and wish I were friends with her. Can’t wait for more Keeper of the Lost Cities or Let The Storm Break.

Books I Wish I’d Written:


The Hourglass Series by Myra McEntire: I am obsessed with time travel and love to read about it, but for some reason, my brain doesn’t work in the way that will allow me to write something this cool. Loved, loved, loved this series.


The Fault In Our Stars by John Green: I know I may be jumping on the bandwagon with this one, but when a book gives you all the feels, it doesn’t matter. This book is just undeniable good. To be able to be wry, and witty and angry and touching at the same time: that’s talent.


Fangirl/Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell: Rainbow Rowell should actually be on my first list of authors I will automatically read, but I had to pick one and since the whole time I was reading both of these books I thought, “Man, I really wish I could write something like this!” then this is the list she will land on. Rowell is real, her characters are real, the feels are real.


Wonder by RJ Palacio: This is a middle grade book that I wanted to read over and over. I marked this book up so much that it’s very, very colorful. This quotable, WONDERful read is destined to become a classic. Oh, my heart is full just thinking about this book.

Series I Enjoyed:


Just One Day/Just One Year by Gayle Forman: Technically this one isn’t a series, but these companion novels stole my heart this year and although I had already loved Gayle Forman from If I Stay, this story was so contemporary and beautiful and immersible.


Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead: Yes, I am a Vampire Academy fan and yes I’ve continued on to the Bloodlines series. I may even like them more. I love Sydney’s character and am not bored with this series … which is good because usually I’m lost after the third book; sometimes before.


Divergent Series by Veronica Roth: I know this was the book everyone was talking about, but I’m still going to talk about it. I loved this series from the beginning. I love the bad choices the teenage characters realistically make- over and over again. I really thought Roth came into her own as a writer in this third installment. Her writing was lyrical her characters progressed in such a beautiful way. I read some spoilers and knew the ending before I read Allegiant, but I still loved it, appreciated her blog post defending her choice as an artist, and would recommend this series to everyone.

One thought on “2013: My Year In Books

  1. Amy Alleman says:

    Thanks for the list, Tara! There are SO many that I have not heard of, so that means I can pile me up some books and devour them from the warmth of my home while the single digit weather frosts the window! I, too, loved If I Stay from Gayle Forman. Excellent!

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