All A Good Idea Needs Is…


I’ve been thinking about good ideas lately.

Like I said in my last post, I’ve been participating in Picture Book Idea Month and have been coming up with one picture book idea a day.  It doesn’t sound hard, and sometimes it isn’t, but some days the only idea I get written down is probably something that will never become a complete manuscript.

Or it may sit in my idea folder for years and suddenly become the Great Idea it could be.

I believe as with all things, there is a right time, place, and person to make ideas great.

Who would’ve thought that Shave of The Month Club or Poo-Pourri would be such lucrative ideas?

This Idea


By This Guy


This Idea


With this Commercial


But they are!

And it’s all because someone took a chance on that idea in their head and made it happen.

So from now on, whether your idea involves a toilet spray for your poop, or a time-traveling lemon, write it down.  Today, tomorrow, or years from now, it could be that next big thing, and it all started with you.

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