Method Writing


I am a Method Writer.

For those of you who don’t know, method acting is a dramatic technique in which actors identify as closely as possible with the character played by correlating experiences from their personal lives to the character.  Also, becoming the character for the length of the production.

In the past few years, I have lived as a dying half-nymph, an ostracized high school student, a grieving widow, and even an adventurous fox.

My husband will wonder why I am acting so immature, so depressed, or so in love (yes, it’s sad why he would question the last one.)  He has now come to accept that I am acting like the character that I am writing.

How else would I know what song they were listening to, what joke they would tell, what line they would say, what thoughts they would think.

If I didn’t use this method of writing, there would be no voice, no life to my stories.  It is the only way to write for me.

My husband is hoping I don’t ever get a brilliant idea that involves a murderous wife or hopped up junkie.

I just say, you never know.

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